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Our Story
mad pretty inc. is a beauty & luxury brand consulting company with more than 20 years experience in over 35 countries spanning North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.
Based in Hong Kong, mad pretty inc. was founded with the sole purpose of inspiring profoundly positive changes in sales teams for beauty and luxury product companies.

Our Mission

At mad pretty inc. we dedicate ourselves to assist you in creating a superior service team
with unparalleled passion for product & people. We focus first and foremost on designing a unique and progressive education curriculum for each client.

Founded by Simone Ciafardini,
mad pretty inc. is driven to dramatically improve your company's level of service and subsequently return business, whilst increasing job satisfaction and "front-line" morale.

Our Beliefs
You can teach product knowledge. You can't teach passion.
We customize a recruitment programme for each client.
The customer is not just KING. The customer is the entire KINGDOM.

Your customers are at the heart of everything we do.
From focus groups to mystery shopping, what your customers think will no longer be a mystery.
Revolution is good for the soul.

We design an education curriculum that will revolutionize how your team considers
their career, their clients & their objectives. Revolutionary change in how daily business is conducted will result.

Tel: (852) 6772 8432